KDDI Shanghai participates in 2018 World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit

KDDI CORPORATION October 24, 2018

KDDI Shanghai participated in the 2018 World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit held in Nanjing China on Oct. 11, where at the Smart Factory Solution Revolution Forum (智能製造系統解決方案創新実践高峰论坛), they spoke about current issues faced by the Chinese manufacturing industry and introduced as smart factory solutions that combine IoT (Internet of Things) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology.

Image 1. World Intelligent Manufacturing Summit

In recent years, robots and automated equipment are being increasingly used at Chinese factories, advancing the automation of production and testing. However, because the operational state of old equipment is not being correctly collected, the collected data and actual state of operation do not match, leading to results that fall short of those expected, or forcing manufacturers to limit their production amounts somewhat. Furthermore, there are issues with being unable to aware in a timely manner of problems occurring on-site, where quality and testing records exist as huge amounts of paper. More factories are also looking to cut costs, as personnel costs, rising every year, put pressure on factory profits.

Junji Morioka of KDDI Shanghai spoke at the event, recommending that to address the various issues facing China’s factories, a digital transformation using IoT solutions was the way forward. He introduced a solution to automatically collect equipment operation status data, and a solution to make records taken by humans more quickly available by inputting them to tablet devices. Further, he advised that due to the increase in clerical work in factories and the pressure on factory finances by rising wages, routine work should be automated with RPA, with employees shifting their duties to more profit-producing work.

Image 2. KDDI Shanghai’s Junji Morioka

At the summit, various experts from China introduced many types of solutions, from robots and factory automation to industrial automation platforms to 3D printers, but KDDI Shanghai was the only foreign-capital company participating, and after the summit was over received many questions and opinions from interested participants.

In addition to events like this summit, KDDI plans to continue to provide information useful to customers. We hope you look forward to our future activities.

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