Connected Cars

A revolutionary advancement in car safety, peace-of-mind, and comfort through IoT technology.

A total solution: Management of connection quality, help with local regulation compliance, and value-added services that exceed customers' expectations.


Connected cars, which connect to information on a global scale, have brought about large changes in our society and our lives.

Now, through a “Global Communications Platform”, KDDI is aiming to improve both the safety and reliability of connected cars. We are pushing forward with the creation of this platform to secure high-quality, stable communications on a global level that do not rely on conventional roaming services.

Through automatic connections and switchovers to ISPs chosen per country or region, together with connection-quality monitoring, we will be able to maintain on a global level the high-quality, stable connections required by connected cars. At KDDI France we hold the role of making this project successful in the European region.

KDDI Global Communication Platform (GCP)

How Connected Cars connect

SIMs (Subscriber Identity Modules) are small IC cards loaded with information to identify users, which have been used in technology such as mobile phones.

With Connected Cars, a similar technology called eSIM (embedded SIM) is used, where the SIM is embedded in electronics. These eSIMs are smaller than IC cards and are also resistant to temperature changes and vibrations.

An eSIM is integrated into a transmission device in the car’s head unit at the time of car manufacture. Similar to a mobile phone, after the car is purchased, the eSIM can be loaded with the purchaser’s information, which then allows the connected car functionality to be used.

KDDI France’s role and proposed value

  • Mediation with head unit manufacturers
  • Help with legal compliance in the European region
  • Provision to customer of added value services such as In Car Wi-Fi
  • Management of connection quality, etc.

Connected Car case studies

Connected Car case studies : In Car Wi-Fi

In Car Wi-Fi

Use tablets or smartphones from within a car through a Wi-Fi connection.

Connected Car case studies : Remote start

Remote start

Start the car’s engine, adjust its air conditioning, etc. from a separate location.

Connected Car case studies : Remote car diagnosis

Remote car diagnosis

Always be safe by sharing real-time car status with the car.

Connected Car case studies : Safety connect

Safety connect

In an emergency, connect to a support center with a single button press.

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Office hours : Weekday in France 9:00 - 12:00, 13:00 - 17:00
Language : English, French, Japanese

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