Telecloud Agility

Turnkey virtual servers configured for you by KDDI France experts.

Telecloud Agility - turnkey virtual servers

Are you in need of new IT production servers? Telecloud Agility will support you as you grow your business and implement your digital transformation. We deliver secure, high-availability, ready-to use virtual servers configured by our technical teams and set up according to your application needs.

Private virtual servers

Private virtual servers

Telecloud Agility is a managed IaaS offering providing clients with “turnkey” virtual servers along with numerous infrastructure services. It is underpinned by the proven capabilities, performance and resilience of VMware® vSphere®, the world’s leading virtualisation solution. Each virtual server is defined according to the following parameters:

Each virtual server is defined according to the following parameters:

  • Number of virtual processors,
  • Virtual memory size in GB,
  • Size and type (performance or capacity) of each virtual disk in GB,
  • Operating system

A virtual processor (vCPU) is equivalent to a physical processor or a physical core of a multi-core processor.

Standard architecture

The architecture of your Telecloud Agility virtual machines (VM) will include:

  • One or several external network access points, such as:
    • The Internet network with secure access via a firewall service;
    • Your own MPLS network with a direct interface to your VMs
    • Several external networks combined.
  • At least two network interfaces for each VM:
    • A network interface for the external network(s),
    • A network interface dedicated to administration streams.
  • Administrator access via an “out-of-band” KDDI France network in the form of a firewall-protected VPN link (IPSEC or SSL) with two-factor authentication. The supervision and snapshot services are performed via this network.
Infrastructure services

Infrastructure services

The Telecloud Agility solution includes numerous infrastructure services for managing your VM on a daily basis:

  • Creation of virtual servers by KDDI France as per your prerequisites;
  • Supervision of virtual server load status and operation;
  • Filtration of network streams (managed firewalls);
  • Administrator access to your virtual servers with two-factor authentication;
  • Daily snapshot of your virtual servers with a 7-day retention period;
  • Multi-carrier internet connection with DDoS protection at carrier level.
  • Optional DRP (disaster recovery plan) at a remote site for your critical virtual servers.
Network access and security

Network access and security

KDDI France’s data centres are equipped with high-performance, fully redundant network infrastructure ensuring a bit rate of 1 Gbps at the network interfaces of your virtual machines.

Internet access to your VMs is secured by a firewall in conjunction with clustered hardware. The KDDI France teams keep network traffic secure by monitoring it constantly. They will help you manage your streams and create VPN tunnels enabling you to connect to your VMs in total security.


Your virtual servers configured with Telecloud Agility can be fitted out with two types of storage:

High-performance storage

High-performance storage

High-performance storage through SSD full flash drives with I/O capacities ten times greater than those of conventional rotating disks.

Capacitive storage

Capacitive storage

Capacitive storage, based on conventional disks with an SSD cache. This option optimises the costs of storing data that is less heavilyused.

Resilience and high availability
KDDI France’s

KDDI France’s expert teams use VMware® hypervisors to manage the Telecloud Agility cloud. VMware® services ensure maximal resilience, power and flexibility:

  • Hot migration of a virtual machine from one hypervisor to another without a break in service
  • High availability by automatically restarting virtual servers on another hypervisor in the event of a hardware failure
  • Load balancing by automatically distributing hardware resources to optimise performance.
VM supervision

VM supervision Track the performance
of your VMs at a glance

Monitor activity on your virtual platform in real time

  • A comprehensive dashboard
  • CPU, memory, storage and network usage statistics
  • Four configurable alert levels

Snapshots A daily copy,
for added protection

A daily image of each of your VMs

  • Enabling a VM to be fully restored
  • Useful in the event of a failure or human error
  • Images kept for seven rolling days
Infrastructure administration

Infrastructure administration Secure, tracked
administrator access

Monitoring of streams between administrator workstations and production infrastructure

  • Wallix Bastion admin technology, awarded first-level security certification by France’s National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI)
  • Tracking of actions performed on the production servers
  • Protection against the spread of malware via the workstation

Summary of services included

Service Description Included
24/7 support Technical support by email and telephone ✔
Internet access Multi-carrier internet access with DDoS protection ✔
Microsoft licences Microsoft® Windows Server licences provided ✔
Firewall Firewall-protected internet access ✔
Load distribution Distribution of loads between several VMs ✔
VM supervision Supervision of your VMs to keep them running smoothly and efficiently ✔
Administrator access "Out-of-band" administrator access via SSL VPN with two-factor authentication ✔
Port console Access to the port console of your VMs ✔
Snapshots Daily snapshot of your VMs ✔
Snapshot logging Retention period of 7 days ✔
Certificate of erasure Certificate of erasure issued whenever a VM is deleted ✔

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