Telecloud Archive

Archive your data assets in a safe place for as long as you need.

Telecloud Archive – cloud-based data archiving

Do you want to preserve your information assets in keeping with best industry practice?
KDDI France’s solution for businesses is Telecloud Archive, a remote cloud-based electronic document archiving service.

Telecloud Archive – cloud-based data archiving

Access your data at all times

KDDI France undertakes to keep files of all types accessible for the life spans of your choice, irrespective of technological changes and breakthroughs.

A high-end hardware configuration

Telecloud Archive is built on a high-end hardware configuration using Telecloud’s virtualisation platforms.

Virtual archiving server

Using the Telecloud Server platforms

  • Partition presented to the client servers
  • CIFS, SMB, etc.


  • SAN storag (RAID 6)
  • Data store replication
  • AES encryption
  • Write Once – Read Many (WORM)
  • File integrity hashing
  • Retention (minimum period for which data are kept before expiring)
  • Life span (maximum period for which data are kept)

Need to back up your data?

To preserve your data with guaranteed integrity and the certainty of being able to restore them quickly and easily, take a look at Telecloud Backup, KDDI France’s outsourced backup solutions!

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