Telecloud Backup

Protect your data with a high-performance cloud backup service!

Telecloud Backup – high-performance protection

Do you want to be sure you can restore your data if disaster strikes? Telecloud Backup copies them to a safe place in a way that guarantees their integrity. This high-performance service backs up your data remotely every day and stores them on redundant systems hosted at a secured data centre.

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Are you doing enough to protect your data?

Because your data are your most precious resources,
KDDI France supports you in preserving the integrity of your digital investments without compromising on security.

Combining reliability
and performance

Combining reliability and performance

Telecloud Backup safeguards your data by backing them up daily to a specific KDDI France site using dedicated facilities. The service offers the following capabilities:

  • Backup of data held on physical or virtual servers
  • Backups stored on a RAID (redundant array of independent disks) system
  • High backup speeds (saving up to 70% of bandwidth)
  • Data encrypted during transfer
  • Daily reporting

Telecloud Backup can be used independently of any other service or to bolster KDDI France’s IaaS services such as Telecloud Agility.

Proven technology

Proven technology

Telecloud’s backup and restoration service is underpinned by the EMC²® Avamar® technology (other solutions are also possible, like COHESITY), offering the following benefits:

  • Data deduplicated at source
  • Reduced backup window (by only processing modified data)
  • Reduced bandwidth
  • Optimised I/O on the storage system
  • Compatible with most operating systems, including VMWare and Hyper-V
  • Plug-in apps to ensure data consistency (MS SQL, Notes, Exchange, SharePoint, Oracle, etc.).
Secure backups

Secured backups

Several mechanisms are deployed to safeguard the backed-up data and guarantee their integrity:

  • Redundant architecture: the backup systems are composed of several servers (nodes) and feature dual failure protection. At server level, a RAIN system (Redundant Array of Independent Nodes, the equivalent of RAID 5 for nodes) enables hot node replacement. The disks are either RAID 1 or RAID configured.
  • Integrity check: the integrity of all backed-up data is checked once a day by a dedicated process (HFS check). A snapshot of the system is also taken twice a day so that the volume can be brought back to a healthy state in the event of a human error or should data become corrupted.
Data deduplication

Data deduplication

The data deduplication process used by Telecloud Backup aims to optimise the volume of data to be transferred during the backup process.

The first time the backup is performed, the data are split into blocks. During subsequent backups, the system detects the blocks containing modified data, compresses them, and then transfers them.

Data deduplication is particularly suitable for sites with a limited internet bit rate.

An optimised process

An optimised process

The Telecloud Backup process only transfers modified data, which it identifies by comparing them with a local client-side cache.

The data to be backed up are split into blocks and compressed. These blocks are then combined to form composite blocks and sent to the backup server. The local cache is updated.

Performance in figures

The following table indicates the data volumes actually transferred in comparison with the total volumes backed up.

Types of data Quantity of main
data backed up
Quantity of data
transferred daily
deduplication rate
Windows file systems 3573 GB 6.1 GB 586:1
Combination of Windows, Linux and Unix file systems 5097 GB 11.7 GB 436:1
Technical files on NAS server 3265 GB 24.2 GB 135:1
Combination of 20% databases, 80% file systems (Windows and Unix) 9583 GB 80 GB 120:1
Combination of Linux file systems and databases 7831 GB 104.2 GB 75:1

Robust data backups to meet all needs

The Telecloud Backup service provides a complement to the snapshots included in the Telecloud IaaS offerings, further enhancing the flexibility of data safeguarding and restoration processes at file or application level.

Description VM image logging:
Telecloud Agility
File and/or application backup:
Telecloud Backup
Backup type Complete Complete
Backup speed (technology) Fast (VMware snapshot + modified block tracking) Fast (file deduplication)
Backup level Block-type backup in the virtualisation layer Backup at file / application level at operating system level
Backup granularity Complete VM only File, application, system status
Server type compatibility Virtual Virtual, physical
Backup frequency Daily Daily
Retention 2 or 7 days 30 days or 90 days or 180 days
App agent / plugin No Yes
Administration console No Yes
Daily email report No Yes
Application compatibility Application compatible with Microsoft VSS quiescing Microsoft Cluster Server, MS SQL, MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, Lotus Notes, Oracle, DB2, SAP, Sybase, etc.
Restoration granularity Complete VM only File, application or complete system
Restoration speed Fast (only modified blocks are transferred) Slow (the element to be restored is transferred in its entirety)
Complete restoration of a system Simple Complex
Bare-metal restoration V2V P2V, V2P, P2P, V2V

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