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Find out more about the expertise and technology underpinning KDDI France's resilient, high-performance Telecloud IaaS infrastructure solutions

The added value of our cloud offerings

Our turnkey IaaS infrastructure solutions combine the benefits of security and proximity, i.e.:

  • Robustness, with physical resources hosted in Telehouse data centres, renowned for their highly resilient infrastructure
  • Reliability, with VM logging services provided as standard plus an optional granular backup and synchronous or asynchronous DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan)
  • A leading server virtualisation solution, VMware, ensuring high availability, business continuity and administration capabilities
  • Security, with “secured by design” solutions including an anti-DDOS system as standard
  • Scalable internet bandwidth with multiple carriers directly connected to the core networks of KDDI France
  • The ability to access your virtual servers via your MPLS network
  • Your data geographically located in France
  • The flexibility to adapt your configuration on request according to your needs
  • 24/7 support from teams based in France
  • A simple commercial offering, invoiced with no hidden costs (no data transfer costs)
  • Services conforming to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certification.
Custom-built private cloud

Custom-built private cloud

Go custom to fulfil your specific requirements! When standard offerings fall short, turn to KDDI France’s “à la carte” IaaS infrastructure solutions offering the benefits of proximity to your end users. These solutions meet your specific needs in areas such as privacy, virtual machine size, architecture or software licensing (Oracle).

They enable you to build:

  • A private cloud on a shared platform,
  • A private cloud on a dedicated platform,
  • A mixed – or hybrid – cloud.

In this case your virtual servers are hosted on completely or partially privatised physical hardware and infrastructure.

The robustness of IaaS solutions

Opt for a cloud offering built on resilient infrastructure! The infrastructure used for KDDI France’s IaaS solutions is hosted at Telehouse’s data centres located in the Paris region.

These data centres have a reputation for robustness and security stretching back over more than twenty years:

  • Architecture with no SPOF (single point of failure),
  • High-security installation,
  • High-end data storage platform and servers,
  • Fail-safe power supply,
  • 99.999% connectivity and reliability.

Production is handled at site TH3 (Magny-les-Hameaux), with site TH2 (Paris) as a fallback. The two sites are less than 50 km apart, and interconnected via a double optical fibre link managed by the Interlink point-to-point service (up to 10 Gbps) and supervised 24/7 by the teams at the KDDI France operations centre.

Security / DDOS / Architecture

Security / DDOS / Architecture

Pack your IaaS solution with security features! KDDI France safeguards its systems and networks using a variety of methods that make its IaaS solutions “secured by design”:

  • Security monitoring and real-time abnormal traffic detection, healthy traffic filtering and implementation of appropriate measures
  • Integration of DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack protection at carrier level
  • Vulnerability and web application scanning
  • Firewall protection for network access points
  • Support with the creation of site-to-site VPN tunnels providing secure connections to your virtual servers.

To maximise your security level, we have our infrastructure audited regularly by service providers accredited by France’s National Cybersecurity Agency (ANSSI).

Carrier connections and public clouds

Stay connected to your ecosystem! Telehouse is a recognised leader in the field of internet data centres and hosts more than 500 telecom carriers. This genuine telecoms marketplace offers you a wide choice of carriers of all sizes, costs and performance levels.

When KDDI France hosts your information systems it places them at the heart of a secure telecom “hub”. Your applications and content can thus be accessed at all times by all your subsidiaries and customers in France and around the world.

Your virtual servers can also be connected directly to the carriers present within our data centres (MPLS, Ethernet, etc.) to ensure even higher confidentiality and performance.

This also makes it easier for you to log on to the services of public cloud providers available via KDDI France cloud platforms.

24/7 critical support

24/7 critical support

Proximity, availability and responsiveness! These are the watchwords of the teams at KDDI France’s operations centre in Paris, who are on hand to provide constant support for your critical infrastructure round the clock, 365 days per year. They are a vital component of our promise to provide you with a continuous service in accordance with our jointly-agreed commitments.

Certifications and conformity

Choose KDDI France for guaranteed peace of mind! Concerned to provide best-in-class cloud IaaS services that meet your security requirements, KDDI France takes great pains to guarantee that its offering complies with the standards in force across the industry.

  • GDPR/personal data protection: KDDI France undertakes to ensure that its Telecloud offering is GDPR-compliant. It applies ISO 27001:2018-certified processes to guarantee privacy and protect its customers’ data.
  • Data hosted in France under contracts governed by French law not subject to the CLOUD Act: KDDI France thus ensures that its customers’ data are treated with the utmost confidentiality.
  • HDS certification (hosting of healthcare data in France): under preparation.
  • Environmental certification: the first eco-designed cloud service in France to be awarded AFNOR certification, in July 2014
Cloud consulting & services

Cloud consulting & services

Place your IaaS infrastructure needs in the hands of experts! KDDI’s teams will assist you every step of the way. They will analyse your cloud hosting and infrastructure needs depending on your line of business and your economic and technical requirements: availability, performance, security, connectivity, etc.

KDDI experts will recommend standard Telecloud offerings or work with you to design a customised cloud hosting solution. They will help you to :

  • Pick the best options in terms of a shared private, dedicated or hybrid cloud,
  • Size your virtual machines,
  • Configure the connections between your sites and our data centre,
  • Draw up your DRP, backup plans and recovery tests,
  • Prepare to migrate your applications and data to our cloud,
  • Take charge of the tools that will be used to supervise your hosted infrastructure.

They will then be available at all times to help you analyse and optimise the performance of your Telecloud solution.

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